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abbreviated   allowed   apple   apply   at   attachments   available   bdog   be   before   belonging   below   both   but   by   Cached   can   car   cas   case   category   Category   combination   combined   comment   computer   concatenate   contain   containing   Currently   de   default   deisel   docs   Does   does   dog   doggy   domain   Double   en   engine   even   every   exactly   Examples   excluded   expression   fields   find   for   from   Full   gas   get   given   grouping   help   hit   homepage   homepages   if   If   image   implicit   include   information   input   item   its   language   least   length   lib   like   links   linkto   List   lower   macro   macros   match   Matches   matches   mean   means   mimetype   modifiers   more   multiple   name   named   Normal   old   On   on   one   only   operating   operation   operator   or   page   parameters   Parentheses   patterns   persons   phrase   png   precedence   prefixes   put   python   Queries   quotes   Quotes   re   reg   regex   regular   replaces   result   returned   rules   same   searches   see   See   sensitive   seperated   setup   several   single   space   syntax   system   term   terms   Terms   text   th   than   that   There   these   this   thomas   Thomas   Title   title   titles   to   too   treated   underlay   use   used   user   uses   virtually   want   weight   which   white   whitespace   whose   will   Will   winamp   windows   Windows   with   With   within   word   written   Xapian   xmms  

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With the MoinMoin search engine the same search patterns are allowed in the search and title search input fields as in the parameters for the FullSearch (FullSearchCached) and the PageList macros.

  • There may be several search term seperated by white space
    • Terms are combined by default with an AND operation - only pages containing all search term are returned
    • Double or single quotes may be used to include white space within search terms (phrase search)
  • - before a search term means NOT. Pages containing this term are excluded from the result

  • regex:TERM is treated as a regular expression. MoinMoin follows Python regex rules (see for more info)

  • title:TERM searches in pages whose titles match TERM

    • Normal search terms do search the titles, too. Matches in titles get more weight than matches in pages.
  • case:TERM searches case sensitive

  • linkto:TERM searches for links to TERM

  • language:LANG-ISO-CODE searches for pages written in a given language ISO code, e.g. en, de

  • category:CAT searches for pages belonging to CategoryCAT; replaces old regular expression

  • mimetype:TYPE searches for pages and attachments with mimetype TYPE, e.g. image/png

    • /!\ Currently only available with Xapian! Does this comment apply to item above or below??

  • domain:TERM searches for pages in a domain like underlay or system (for system pages)

  • title:, regex:, linkto: and case: may be used in combination in one search term

    • these modifiers may be abbreviated to any length: e.g. re:, t:, reg:, cas:, l:

    • If you want to use multiple prefixes, you have to concatenate them like this: t:re:TERM

    • - must be put before any other modifiers

  • OR operator has a lower precedence than the implicit AND (e.g., car deisel or gas will find any page containing both "car" and "deisel", but will also hit on pages containing "gas", even if "car" is not on the page.)

  • Parentheses can be used for grouping


title:Help macro

searches for help pages that contain the word "macro".

apple (computer or "operating system")

searches for pages containing the word "apple" and at least one of "computer" or "operating system".

windows winamp or linux xmms

searches for pages containing both "windows" and "winamp", and also for pages containing both "linux" and "xmms".

"is text"

Will match "this text" or "is texts". Quotes are used only to include whitespace, and do not mean "exactly this phrase".

linkto:WindowsPage title:Linux

searches for pages that have "Linux" in the page name and that link to WindowsPage


searches for the word "dog" and does not find e.g. the word "doggy".

help -domain:system

search for pages containing the word "help" but which are not system pages

category:homepage title:thomas

search for pages in CategoryHomepage with the word "thomas" in the title (user homepages of all persons named Thomas)

TitleSearch and PageList

  • uses the same patterns
  • title: is virtually added to every search term


See HelpOnXapian for more information on Xapian and its setup.