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Super users are one or more trusted user names with permission to do wiki-wide operations that are more than simple administration rights (usually handle ACLs, delete pages, revert content).

What can a Superuser do?

  • Make full backups
  • Install software
  • Install Languages via SystemPagesSetup .

  • In their UserPreferences screen, they have a list of other users they can temporarily "become" in order to help or disable those users.

How to setup up the Superuser(s)

  1. If not already done, create the user accounts (using the wiki user interface) that you want to be superusers. If you add other names than your own better make really sure you add the correct accounts really belonging to the people you trust.
  2. Put this into your wikiconfig (or farmconfig):
        superuser = [u'JohnDoe', u'JaneDoe', ]

See also some examples in HelpOnUserHandling and HelpOnPackageInstaller.