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Wireless Networking in the Developing World

Seconda edizione (in inglese)

This revised and expanded 425 page book includes over 170 pages of new material, including new chapters on solar power and economic planning, several new case studies, and much more.

In the developing world, one book can often be equivalent to a library. Access to books is difficult where there are few libraries or book stores, and there is often little money to pay for them. By releasing this book for free under a Creative Commons license, anyone is free to download, print, update, or redistribute it. We hope to reach the widest possible audience, spreading the knowledge of low-cost wireless networking to those who need it most. wndw2-ebook.pdf

Prima edizione

Potete scaricare la prima edizione del libro (in inglese):Wireless Networking in the Developing World oppure nella versione per la stampa: qui.

E' in corso la traduzione della prima edizione in italiano. Partecipa.

Community-based Networks and Innovative Technologies: New models to serve and empower the poor

In inglese, dell'United Nations Development Programme (UNDP):

Where communication facilities are available, the poor rapidly embrace them. Where schools offer courses in ICT or use ICT to make educational content more interesting, parents are often supportive since they see it as a source of upward mobility and recognise its potential to ensure more effective learning. Where ICT makes available critical information, financial services, and reduces the maze of bureaucracy, people benefit in terms of reduced time and resources that need to be expended. Where ICT facilitates access to information about new economic opportunities and helps avail of them, small and medium sized enterprises and cooperatives demonstrate interest. Where ICT access is available, it helps to stimulate investment. But it is not just a question of facilitating economic and social development, community radio and related technologies are, for example, also proving useful in facilitating participation and strengthening the voice of communities.

Asterisk: The Future of Telephony

Potete scaricare il libro (inglese): Asterisk: The Future of Telephony

How To Accelerate Your Internet

Da (quasi) gli stessi autori di Wireless Networking in the Developing World: (in inglese).

How To Accelerate Your Internet

Networking - La rete come arte

In italiano: Networking - La rete come arte

Guida alle W-lan

Wi-Fi: lo studio, la realizzazione teorico-pratica, la sicurezza, il modding e l'hacking per il neofita e l'utente evoluto.

In italiano: