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Quick Summary of Requirements to make a node :-)


A Site where to install the node

  • Possibly this place needs to be reachable from the apartment/house so you can reach the node with network cable(s)
  • If you want to place the node outside, look for an available antenna pole to use, or mounting place and get an Appropriate Antenna or an antennaPCB. For Cables, Connectors and Hardware, see list here. Perhaps prepare an appropriate housing to protect it against rain and weather

An Access Point

Flash it with the appropriate Firmware

There are different firmwares availabe: Firmware, (see here too) or LibreMesh. Find out which is the appropriate firmware for your area. the biggest communities are linked on the list on the left.

get in contact

  • Visit the slack chat (apply for an invite there)

  • the global webchat (that is connected to the IRC channel #ninux at freenode)

  • write on the Public Wireless Mailinglist

  • contact node owners in your vicinity via the "Details" link on each node on the Network Map