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Ninux Day 2009

The team is glad to announce the first "Ninux Day", the only day that lasts a weekend ;)

A weekend, surreal time slot on topics about wireless communities. Under the same roof for the first time you'll find hackers, geeks, nerds, engineers, artists, curious and academics.

Presentations on technical and social topics will be faced with the most expert people in the area of the wireless community networks, that will come to Rome from all Europe.

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The Ninux Day will be at Defrag_ in Rome, Italy, in Via delle isole curzolane 75


From 27 to 29 November 2009.


Who will be there

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The event is free. We'll kindly ask you for a donation to cover some costs.

What to bring

Time Table

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it is not possible to sleep at the Defrag_. The Defrag_ will close its doors at 2 AM and everybody will have to leave until the following morning

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