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NinuxMapper is a software virtualization and visualization for mesh networks. It can read several different sources including XML files, MySQL and plain text files with a particular semantic. It is a Java application that interact with all network nodes and store locally the informations about it.

The software is released under the LGPL and can be used for the realization and monitoring mesh networks with OLSR.

Thanks to its simple graphical user interface, simply click on the node of the network topology in order to have a variety of services including:

  • SSH connection
  • Service Discovery
  • Location information and interfaces
  • and more ...

This means that you can troubleshoot from you desk and have a complete control of your mesh networks.

You can also generate weekly and monthly charts to display all the network information

GSoC 2010

The idea is to create a plugin for OLSR to enable the node to interact directly with NinuxMapper to form a single channel for communication of all necessary informations (connected clients, status, number of interfaces and routes, state of the link, etc ...) and if necessary query the others active plugins to retrieve the required information (eg http_info plugin, dot_draw plugin, etc).

TODO: Screenshot Testing Documentation