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The inverting linear transponder will have an output on 2400.050-2400.150MHz and input between 435.950 –435.850 MHz. A 400bps BPSK telemetry beacon will be avauilable on 2400.100 or 2400.150MHz depending on which transponder chain is in use.

This equipment is being provided by a group of AMSAT-UK members.

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Applications Date: 18/12/2006 Freq coordination completed on 31/01/2007

The IARU Amateur Satellite Frequency Coordination Status pages are hosted by AMSAT-UK as a service to the world wide Amateur Satellite Community

Il primo canale del wifi trasmette sui 2402 Mhz, mentre il satellite usa le seguenti frquenze: 2400.050 e 2400.150 ed una intermedia a 2400.100 quindi fate molta attenzione.

ciò significa che il wi-fi per tutto il segmento 2400,050, 2400,100, 2400,150, 2400,250, 2400, 275, 2400,500, 2400,600 2401,000, 2401,835 non si può usare così come non si può usare 2447,675 e 2447,725 in banda S ed in banda C non si ouò usare 5.668,625 quindi fra 2402,000 e 2401,835 intercorre una larghezza di banda di: 0,165 khz

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