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Notes on OpenWRT UML + Netkit

The goal of this guide is to use Netkit with OpenWRT hosts in the emulated environment.

UML binaries are built with the host toolchain and are meant to run on the host they were built on.

We used a Gentoo machine amd64 profile (64bit processor)

Create OpenWRT UML images

Download and compile OpenWRT for the UML target (tested at 9/12/2009 revision 18717)

svn co svn://
cd trunk
make menuconfig

select the UML target and compile

  • Make sure you disabled kmod-mac8011-hwsim in your OpenWRT config, if you have it enables it will make Netkit act weird.
  • Make sure the kernel configuration has support for the ext2 file system !

we are using the following CHOST x86_64-pc-linux-gnu-4.3.4

we had a problem with some script looking for a lib64 dir that was not existing, solved like this:

cd $trunk_dir$/staging_dir/toolchain-x86_64_gcc-4.1.2_uClibc-
ln -s lib lib64

if the firmware compiles you have the binaries in $trunk_dir$/bin/uml

Test the UML binary

To test if your UML binary boots just use the guide from zoobab

Integrate in Netkit

Launch in Netkit like this:

cd bin/uml
vstart openwrt --eth0=0 --con0=xterm --con1=xterm --verbose -m openwrt-uml-ext2.img -k ./openwrt-uml-vmlinux

also you may need extra Kernel command line options:

--append=root=98:0 --append=init=/etc/preinit

You will have a OpenWRT machine launched within Netkit, but only the second terminal is properly working for now, adjust inittab (see later)

Remount Read Write

To remount the filesystem readwrite

mount --remount -o rw /dev/root /

Adjust inittab

Original /etc/inittab in OpenWRT looks like this:

root@OpenWrt:/# cat /etc/init
/etc/init.d/  /etc/inittab
root@OpenWrt:/# cat /etc/inittab 
::sysinit:/etc/init.d/rcS S boot
::shutdown:/etc/init.d/rcS K stop
tts/0::askfirst:/bin/ash --login
tty1::askfirst:/bin/ash --login

modify like this:

root@OpenWrt:/# cat /etc/inittab 
::sysinit:/etc/init.d/rcS S boot
::shutdown:/etc/init.d/rcS K stop
tty0::askfirst:/bin/ash --login
tty1::askfirst:/bin/ash --login

Everything in a patch

saverio@nordkapp ~/SORGENTI/openwrt-trunk-UML $ svn diff
Index: package/base-files/files/etc/inittab
--- package/base-files/files/etc/inittab        (revisione 18727)
+++ package/base-files/files/etc/inittab        (copia locale)
@@ -1,5 +1,4 @@
 ::sysinit:/etc/init.d/rcS S boot
 ::shutdown:/etc/init.d/rcS K stop
-tts/0::askfirst:/bin/ash --login
-ttyS0::askfirst:/bin/ash --login
+tty0::askfirst:/bin/ash --login
 tty1::askfirst:/bin/ash --login
Index: package/base-files/files/etc/config/network
--- package/base-files/files/etc/config/network (revisione 18727)
+++ package/base-files/files/etc/config/network (copia locale)
@@ -8,7 +8,7 @@
 config interface lan
        option ifname   eth0
-       option type     bridge
+       #option type    bridge
        option proto    static
        option ipaddr
        option netmask
saverio@nordkapp ~/SORGENTI/openwrt-trunk-UML $

Notes on netkit labs

lstart --verbose -o --append=root=98:0 -o --append=init=/etc/preinit