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  *Magma 1.0 Calabria (1-3 Agosto 2014) [[attachment:FlyerNinuxCalabria.pdf.pdf|Flyer Ninux Calabria (pdf >100KB)]] [[attachment:FlyerNinuxCalabria4p.pdf|4pages]]
  *Magma 1.0 Calabria (1-3 Agosto 2014) [[attachment:FlyerNinuxCalabria.pdf.pdf|Flyer Ninux Calabria (pdf >100KB)]]
  *Eventi divulgazione Unical Gennaio 2015 (graphics Updated)
[[attachment:FlyerNinuxCalabria.pdf.pdf|Flyer Ninux Calabria (pdf >100KB)]] [[attachment:FlyerNinuxCalabria4p.pdf|4pages]]

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