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Cap2NinuxAddress Resolver

The cap2ninuxaddress resolver is an standard way to calculare the ZIPCODE part of the ipv4 addressing used inside ninux from a legacy italian CAP code.

The graph utils is placed inside github misc_tool repo and can be used to render a graph of the possible cap collision taking a subset of city as input.

For example if the cap resolver is

NINUXCAP = CAP %255 and the given city are:

citylist = ["Pisa", "Roma", "Ostia", "Zagarolo", "Ladispoli", "Catanzaro", "Trieste", "Pomezia",
        "Viterbo", "Manziana", "Montecatini terme", "Carrara", "Cosenza", "Reggio Calabria", "Mistretta",
        "Vittoria", "Lecce", "Foggia", "Pescara", "Reggello", "Verona", "Monza", "Stregna" #questo vince su tutti
        , "", "", "", "", "", "", "", "", "", ""]

The result will be something like: cap_ninux.png

The "ALGO" to calcolate the cap should be:

  • Compatible as possible with current numeration
  • Reduce the conflict as possible