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Chat pubblica su Telegram

Pagina in Italiano

Feel free to set up a similar service hosted internally, until then the telegram Ninux public support group is available at the following link:

It 'important to note that:

  • the group is public and open to all
  • the same rules used for our public Mailing List

  • it is appropriate to adopt an appropriate language
  • You should avoid off topic speeches to allow everyone to follow the developments Ninux

Tips to get out the best potential of the public telegram group:

  • be sure to set a public username (nickname), so you can be mentioned in discussions with @username
  • should set your name and surname (or using the nickname instead of the name) so as to be easily recognized, especially if you have a common name
  • to avoid having the phone vibrating,you can always disable the group notifications

To set your username just go to "Settings" (or "Settings"), you will find "username" under your telephone number.