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Appendix A: Resources

We recommend these resources for learning more about the various aspects of wireless networking. For more links and resources, see our website at

Antennas and antenna design

Network troubleshooting tools


Bandwidth optimization

Mesh networking

Wireless operating systems and drivers

Wireless tools

Networking hardware vendors

Networking services

Training and education


  • 802.11 Networks: The Definitive Guide, 2nd Edition. Matthew Gast, O'Reilly Media. ISBN #0-596-10052-3
  • 802.11 Wireless Network Site Surveying and Installation. Bruce Alexander, Cisco Press. ISBN #1-587-05164-8
  • The ARRL Antenna Book, 20th Edition. R. Dean Straw (Editor), American Radio Relay League. ISBN #0-87259-904-3
  • The ARRL UHF/Microwave Experimenter's Manual. American Radio Relay League. ISBN #0-87259-312-6
  • Building Wireless Community Networks, 2nd Edition. Rob Flickenger, O'Reilly Media. ISBN #0-596-00502-4
  • Deploying License-Free Wireless Wide-Area Networks. Jack Unger, Cisco Press. ISBN #1-587-05069-2
  • TCP/IP Illustrated, Volume 1. W. Richard Stevens, Addison-Wesley. ISBN #0-201-63346-9
  • Wireless Hacks, 2nd Edition. Rob Flickenger and Roger Weeks, O'Reilly Media. ISBN #0-596-10144-9